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BRUTE!'s first excursion into animation began in 1987 with its 'ROCKY!' ident for MTV.

It was, at the time, the most expensive animation ever commissioned by the music channel and received heavy rotation over the following decade.

In 1993, industrial band KMFDM hired BRUTE!' to create a music video for 'Drug Against War'. With H-Gun Studios in Chicago providing the cel-frame and computer animators, the film went on to become a firm favourite on several stations that year.

It was also the first time Aidan Hughes had worked with Behemoth, the film makers who were to collaborate on two more BRUTE!' animations, 'ZPC - No Flesh Shall Be Spared' and the second KMFDM animation, 'Son of a Gun'.

KMFDM - A drug against war

ZPC (Rare old pc game)

BRUTE! collaborated with ZOMBIE Virtual Reality Entertainment to create the computer game, ZPC (Zero Population Count), released in November, 1996

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