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Aidan Hughes was born on Merseyside, England and was formally trained by his father. His influences include Golden Age comic artists Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Jim Steranko, the Russian Constructivists, the Italian Futurists and the work of woodcut artists Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward.

Despite having never attended art school, he entered the world of commercial art producing artwork and storyboards for clients such as Warner Bros. the BBC and The London Evening Standard. In the 80's he began a long-term collaboration with industrial band KMFDM, created BRUTE! pulp magazine and worked extensively in radio, TV and the media. Hughes other work includes designing and art directing, computer games and animation. Official Wikipedia entry


BRUTE! Art from the Pulps. Covent Garden, London 1986. | 'Git!' Relief murals w/ Gordon McHarg. The Vault, London 1990. | New Paintings show, Soho Gallery, London 1992. | Exhibition. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London 1993. | New Art show. H-Gun Studios, Chicago 1993. | Artist-in-residence, Zombie. Seattle 1995. | 'Berserk!' One-man show, Seattle 1997. | 'Apocalypse Noir' one-man show, C-Pop, Detroit 1999. | Art Tube 01. Group show w/ Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Gavin Turk, Gordon McHarg, Jamie Reid etc. London 2001. | 'Propaganda' w/ Shepard Fairey and Winston Smith, Balmy Gallery. San Francisco 2002.

TV/FILM - 'Love Me Gangster' short film for Channel 4's Alter Image strand 1986. | 'Brute's Adventures of Sizzler!' Series for Network 7 1987. | 'Outside the Warehouse' video for Sham 69 1987. | Dagmar Kreuze promo, Alter Image 1987. | 'Rocky'. Animated ident for MTV 1988. | 'Drug Against War'. Animated promo for KMFDM 1993. | 'ZPC: No Flesh Shall Be Spared'. Animations for PC game (w/ Behemoth) 1997. | 'Son of a Gun'. Animated promo for KMFDM 1997. | 'Flaming Head'. Animated ident for Locomotion TV 1998.

Publications 'Fix Comics' 1979 | 'Battle Poet' w/ Bennett 1981. | 'Rage!' Comic 1981. | 'The Claim' w/ Bennett 1983. | 'The Beast of Cszjethe' serial w/ Bennett, The Magazine 1984. | BRUTE! # 1-7 w/ Bennett 1984-87. | BRUTE! paperback. Sphere Books 1986. | 'Daft About Lager' w/ Rohan Daft and Bennett 1989.

Lectures - Cartoon College, London 1986. / Washington State University 1997. / Prague College, Czech Republic 2007-2008.

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